Zoomvliet College in Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom (in the southwest of The Netherlands) is a school for vocational education (mbo) specializing in Economics, ICT, Trade, Media designer, Travel, Leisure & Hospitality and Sound & Vision. Moreover we are hosting the Johan Cruyff College; a special school for young (top)athletes.

Our locations
We have three locations: one in Roosendaal and two in Bergen op Zoom; two towns in the province of Noord-Brabant. All our locations are easy to reach by public transport.

Our programs
Around 2000 students aged 16-20 years learn about their future careers through hands-on experience in and outside of the school.
There are also exchange programs with schools and organisations outside of the Netherlands. Graduates can either workstudy further in higher professional education (hbo).
Our training programmes are closely tailored to market demands and offer excellent opportunities for moving on to higher vocational education.

Part of ROC West-Brabant
Zoomvliet College is part of ROC West-Brabant. This Regional Training Centre, located in Etten-Leur, was founded in 2005 and has eight mbo-colleges and nine vmbo (pre-vocational education)-schools.
In addition to Zoomvliet College, the mbo-colleges are:
 Florijn College (Economics)
 Kellebeek College (Healthcare)
 Vitalis College (Healthcare)
 Markiezaat College (Technology)
 Radius College (Technology)
 Prinsentuin College (Green)
 Cingel College (Hospitality & Tourism)

Educational routes
There are two types of training paths at Zoomvliet College: BOL (containing a higher theoretical element) and BBL (containing a higher practical element). Both paths include practical training and work experience at organisations officially approved for work placements. 
Students on this path go to college five days a week and spend a certain period doing work placements. The periods and duration of the work placements may vary from one programme to another. Generally, at least 20% of the course will consist of a work placement at an approved work placement organisation.

Students on this path are employed by an approved organisation/company and go to college one day a week. That means they can immediately put the theory into practice during working days.

Zoomvliet College takes care of the internships of every specialism at our school. Internship is an obligatory part of any vocational training in the Netherlands. Without practical work experience a student is not allowed to follow his study. Special internship coordinators inventorise possibilities and check whether companies are certified. If a student is interested in the company, heshe can contact it for an interview. During the internship the student should be able to experience, develop and/or assess the core tasks of their specific education. Tasks, assignments and guidance will be provided by the school. If the student is hired, we will make a contract for the student, the school and the company.

Work placements abroad
It is possible for students to do their work placement abroad. Over the years, our students have already been to many different countries. We are planning to increase the options for going abroad and motivate our students to take appropriate action for this. Through our campaign ‘World Wide Xperience’ we tend to motivate and prepare our students for this interesting experience.

Companies that are willing to offer our students an international experience are more than welcome. According to Dutch law/ requirements, all work placement companies must be certified   by stichting Samenwerking Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (SBB), The foundation for Cooperation between Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market.
For more information you can check http://www.s-bb.nl/work-placements.html

Of course we can assist you in becoming a certified work placement company. Zoomvliet’s international affairs coordinator can be contacted by phone +31 165 590100by email e.janssens@rocwb.nl.